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The Only Thing I Know The Only Thing I Know

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yeah Im 14 and I had your realizaTion 2 years ago.

I did have friends though but half the time they hung out at my house we played videogames. But, anyway from year 7-12 of my life all I did was play video games. Luckily I have a great metabolism so Im not fat but I have low stamina and im a wimp who sucks at all sports ( But ive also always had shit for reflex).
I was addicted but I still was in the real world.

BlownOutOfProportion:Ep1 BlownOutOfProportion:Ep1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fucking awesome!

Nuff said

Junior Junior

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hey JoeDarby

You dont get it because you haven't seen the ones before it.

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Mario Game Mario Game

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


You gotta restart it to play. Mildly entertaining,

Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


You know who cant get to the end of this level?
You. Prove me wrong. Heres the level.

-18 1i 18 1i,-5t 1c -41 1m -29 1r -l 1u 17 21 2q 24 4b 28 5v 2b 7j 2h 99 2n av 2u cn 34 eg 38 gb 38 i6 37 jt 32 li 2q n5 2h of 27 pq 1s,nq 4l op 5l pr 6m qu 7m s3 8p t4 9q u8 av vc c8 10i dj 11o f0 12v gf 147 hv 15i jf 16v ks 18g m5 1a4 n9 1bq oa 1di p8 1fb q2 1h7 ql 1j3 r1 1l1 ra 1mv rh 1ot rk 1qr rl 1sm rl 1uf rj 207 ri 21v rf 23n ra 255 r3 26h qo 27i q8 28c po 28v p5 29a og 29d np 29f n6,29f n8 29e mf 293 lr 28i l7 27t kl 26q ke 25m ke 24c kh 23a kl,po 1s q1 2r q8 3p qe 4j qh 57 qc 5l r3 66 rl 6r s3 7h sl 8a th 94 ug 9v vi au 10l c0 11i d7 125 e9 12p fc 13g gf 14c hn 154 ip 15u jt,pp 1t q2 2g,q0 2g qn 3j rd 4i s6 5j sv 6i tn 7g ug 8e v7 98 vu a1 10j ap 113 be 11g c1 11s ch 12d d6 12p dt 136 ek 13m fj 148 gr 14o i3 15a jh,v0 24 vv 29 10q 2e 11r 2g 136 2k 14i 2o 164 2q 17f 2q 18s 2p 1ab 2o 1bt 2o 1dg 2o 1f4 2q 1go 31 1id 3b 1jv 3r 1lh 4e 1n2 54 1ol 5q 1q7 6h 1rr 78 1te 80 1v2 8n 20j 9f 223 a8 23b av 24d bk 25g ca 26c cs 277 de 287 e7 298 f3 2a8 g7 2b2 hg 2bf il 2bj jp 2bn kp 2bo lm 2c1 mg 2d6 n2 2ee nn 2fo oj 2gr pn 2hn qn 2il rp 2jj su 2ki u3 2lh vb 2mh 10j 2ni 11t 2oj 137,2oj 137 2pj 14i 2qh 15u 2ra 17b 2rq 18i 2s9 19r 2sk 1as 2ss 1c0 2t2 1d8 2tb 1em 2tl 1g8 2tv 1hk 2u9 1j1 2uk 1kg 2v0 1m1 2vc 1nj 2vp 1p6 306 1qq 30j 1sf 311 1u4 31f 1vq 31t 21h 32b 238 32p 24v 338 26n 33n 28e 34a 2a5 35b 2bo 370 2cq 38u 2dd 3au 2dn 3cv 2e0 3ev 2e8 3gt 2dn 3il 2cm 3k7 2bd 3li 29u 3mf 289 3mt 26i 3n5 24p 3nc 22v 3nk 215 3nr 1v9 3o2 1te 3o6 1rj 3o9 1po 3od 1ns 3og 1m0 3ok 1k4 3oo 1i8 3os 1gb,3os 1gb 3p0 1ef 3p4 1ci,2q1 153 2qn 15u 2rd 16t 2s1 17u 2sj 18r 2t6 1a1 2tk 1b3 2u2 1c6 2uh 1d9 2v4 1e4 2vn 1eu 30b 1fs 313 1h0 31q 1i6 32h 1jh 332 1ko 33k 1m1 347 1nc 34q 1op 35b 1q8 35t 1ro 36e 1ta 370 1us 37i 20f 384 223 38n 23n 39h 25e 3am 277 3bq 28d 3df 29n 3f7 2aj 3gu 2ar 3i6 2ac 3je 29k 3ke 28v 3lc 27p 3m4 26j 3mp 255 3nf 23k,3p4 1cm 3p6 1bt,3p6 1bv 3p4 1b1 3or 1a1 3od 193 3ns 187 3n5 17c 3m5 16l,3g0 17i 3ev 171,3dq 16c 3cf 15k 3bb 151 3a5 14d 38n 13p 374 133 35g 12d 33p 11p 320 115 306 10h 2uj vn 2t3 up 2ri tq,3mf 16g 3ne 170 3oc 17k 3pb 189 3qe 18s 3rl 19k 3su 1ag 3u2 1b8 3v5 1c1 408 1cr 41f 1dl 42o 1ed 443 1f3 45j 1fl 476 1g0 48s 1g7 4ai 1g7 4c7 1g0 4do 1fi 4f2 1ev 4g6 1e2,3cq 15p 3dj 163 3ee 16b 3fb 16e 3g4 16c 3gq 168,2rl tt 2r3 t2 2qe s3 2pn qv 2ou ph 2ob o5 2np ml 2n9 l2 2mv je 2mq hs 2ml g9 2me el,4hm 1k8 4i6 1le 4ip 1mo 4jc 1nv 4js 1ov 4ke 1q2 4kv 1r1 4li 1s3 4m7 1tg 4mo 1uq 4nc 205 4o2 21e 4op 22p 4pe 245 4q8 25j 4r3 274 4s3 28l 4t5 2a8 4u8 2bo 4ve 2d4 50o 2ea 522 2f9 53a 2fu 54o 2gc 562 2gf 57h 2g8 58r 2g0 5a8 2fl 5bo 2f9 5d9 2et 5es 2eg 5gg 2e3 5i4 2dl 5jq 2d7 5lh 2cp 5n8 2cb 5p0 2bt,686 2j1 693 2js 6ab 2kn 6be 2ld 6ca 2lv 6db 2mj 6eb 2n5 6fc 2no 6gj 2og 6hn 2pb 6iu 2qc 6ju 2ra 6l0 2sa 6m3 2td 6n6 2ug 6oa 2vm 6pe 30t 6qj 324 6ro 33d 6st 34m 6u3 360 6vf 37b 70v 38g 72h 39l 746 3ap 75t 3bq 77j 3co 798 3di 7av 3e8 7cn 3es 7eg 3fd 7g9 3fv 7i3 3gg 7js 3h1 7ll 3hi 7ne 3i3 7p7 3ik 7r0 3j4 7sp 3jl 7ui 3k2 80d 3kc 827 3ki 842 3km 85s 3kp 87m 3ko 896 3kc 8aa 3jq 8bd 3j5 8c4 3i9 8ck 3hi 8cu 3go,8gv 3lc 8hp 3m8 8it 3n1 8k3 3nn 8le 3od 8mj 3ov 8o8 3pa,8fk 3ft 8h7 3fv 8il 3g1 8k1 3g2 8le 3g5 8mt 3g3 8oc 3fu 8pt 3fk 8rf 3fc 8t6 3f7 8ut 3f6 90j 3f6 929 3f5,8o4 3pc 8ov 3pi 8pl 3q1 8pl 3r5 8pd 3sa 8p0 3tn 8p8 3vb 8qd 40k 8rk 41q 8sp 432 8ts 44b 8uu 45m 8vv 472 910 48a 920 498 933 4a4 942 4b0 953 4bv 969 4d4 97j 4ec 98v 4fn 9ab 4h3 9bn 4ii 9d4 4k1 9ei 4li 9g0 4n3 9he 4om 9is 4q8 9jv 4rf 9l3 4sm 9m7 4tt 9na 4v4 9oe 50c 9pi 51k 9qm 52s 9rq 544 9su 55c 9u2 56k 9v6 57s a0b 595 a1f 5ad a2k 5bl a3p 5ct a4u 5e5 a63 5fd a78 5gl a8d 5hs a9j 5iv ab6 5k9 acr 5le aek 5md,aek 5md age 5mv ai8 5n9 ak2 5na als 5n4 anh 5mm ap1 5m1 aqb 5l6 arf 5k4 asb 5ir at2 5hd atq 5fu,5q7 2ds 5qm 2f0 5rg 2ge 5s8 2hk 5t1 2ir 5tu 2k1 5uq 2lb 5vl 2mn 60g 2o6 61k 2pn 62s 2r9 645 2sr 65f 2ub 66p 2vs 685 31a 69h 32o 6at 346 6c8 35l 6dj 374 6et 38l 6g8 3a8 6hj 3bq 6j2 3d7 6kh 3ei 6m1 3fs 6ni 3h5 6p6 3ia 6qv 3j8 6sq 3k0 6uk 3ko 70f 3ld 72a 3lv 744 3me 75u 3mq 77n 3n2 79h 3n9 7ba 3nc 7d3 3ne 7es 3nf 7

Mario Remix Mario Remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

mario stands no chance against metal man!

this game is the best mario flash game freekin ever!!!
This game deserves 1stplace man!!!
It's brilliant!and very FUNN!So what if I use exclamation so much this game deserves exclamation!!!!
I can kill most of the megaman people,but I have a hard time with METAL MAN cause he throws those hoge spinnythings FAST.
makemoremakemoremakemoremakemo re!!!!!!!!!

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Marble Zone - Sonic 1 Marble Zone - Sonic 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

THAT WAS FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!